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Using Social Monitoring in Mautic

A powerful feature in mautic is the ability to automatically monitor Twitter for a mention or a hashtag. The beauty here is that you can automatically look for a mention and then add that contact to a segment dynamically.

This video shows you how to set up social monitoring on a mautic self-installed instance.

February 5, 2017

5 responses on "Using Social Monitoring in Mautic"

  1. Hi there,

    where do you got your Intro from?



  2. I followed along and everything went just as you said. Thanks for walking through this is in such detail.

    This is a great feature in Mautic to identify contacts by mentions or by hashtags but that could run into hundreds of contacts daily — especially when it comes to hashtags.
    What if you don’t want ALL of the contacts automatically pulled into your database? Is there a way to selectively add contacts you want of those identified?

  3. Attention Required! | Cloudflare
    More info>>>

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  5. I can not receive any activation emails,
    I can not sign up.
    my username is wesleywu
    please help.

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